Saturday, 24 July 2010

Ipswich Historical Wargames Group Launches!

Hello and welcome to the blog for this new historical wargames group being launched in Ipswich to coincide with the East of England Wargames Show, EASTERN FRONT 2010, taking place at St Andrews Hall, Norwich on saturday 1st August 2010.

Naturally in this modern age in which we live, most historical wargamers dabble in non-historical games, boardgames, card games etc, however the intention is to use the show as a platform to recruit gamers from across East Anglia in starting an Ipswich based wargames group specifically for historical games and gamers.

At present the group consists of two historical gamers (you have to start somewhere!) and one occasional player who lives and works abroad but spends some time in Ipswich on a regular basis.

Games played at the moment include WW2, Napoleonics, AWI, ECW, FPW, Wings of War - the list goes on. We play in a variety of scales from 6mm to 28mm and with a variety of rules sets.

We have a potential venue, we have figures and scenery, now all we need is gamers!

For more info join this blog - we look forward to hearing from you